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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 90 days
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 30.00%
    Additional terms We pay out 30% commission with a 90-day cookie. You’ll earn commission on our monthly tech fees, listed on our Pricing page (It does not include additional services, usage or custom development fees). By clicking apply and submitting this application, you state that you have read and understand the full Program Terms & Conditions below.

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    SupaPass Affiliate Sales Agreement

    This Agreement is effective immediately between “SupaPass” and the “Affiliate.”

    Product: specific SupaPass technology products listed on the SupaPass pricing page (not including usage, bespoke services, or additional service layer).

    SupaPass: MBASO Ltd, trading as SupaPass, International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, City of London, EC1A 2B (“we” / ”us” / “our” / “SupaPass”)

    Affiliate: An individual that has been approved to sell the Product and who receives a commission for any purchase made using the Affiliate’s affiliate link. (“I” / “me” / “my”)
    I understand and agree that:
    I will be considered an Affiliate under the terms of this Agreement, upon the acceptance by SupaPass of my application to this Affiliate program. I will receive a 30% commission from each Product purchase made using my personal affiliate link.
    My personal affiliate link will be provided to me by SupaPass.
    My compensation is explicitly and exclusively tied to my affiliate link. No other form of referral will be recognized, so it’s important I only use the provided affiliate link to generate sales in order to be compensated.
    The commissions I may earn are variable.
    The amount of effort I put into marketing and promoting the Product will have a great impact on my overall earnings. I understand that the more I actively promote the Product (e.g. posting on social media channels, publishing a blog post about the Product, sharing in forums and communities I’m a part of, sending emails about the offer, etc.), the better my chances are for increasing my earnings. However, SupaPass makes no guarantees, representations, or warranties whatsoever that I will achieve any particular level of success.
    I understand any commission will be of Net Revenue, which is after sales taxes, VAT, transaction charges, and other direct cost of sales.
    All payments of earnings will be paid to my preferred Paypal email address, less Stripe or Paypal processing fees, or any additional handling or platform fees. For example there may be a transaction fee (typically less than 3% of the total money being sent), which will be deducted from my payout. All international payments will be sent in USD (no conversion to other currency).
    I agree and understand that I will not be paid any affiliate commissions based upon amounts that are attributable to credit card fraud, credits given to customers, bad debt right-off and returned goods. SupaPass reserves the right to deduct, in subsequent months, any commission paid for a product or service that is subsequently returned or refunded, or for any reason where the previous monthly commission was overpaid or later subject to reduction.
    I will receive no additional compensation other than what is explicitly stated above.
    I have access to my personal affiliate portal where I may check on my commissions and earnings any time I choose. Sales made from my affiliate link should show up in my affiliate dashboard within 24 hours of the purchase, but often within minutes. If I have any questions, I will contact SupaPass affiliate support team at [email protected].
    SupaPass may provide support in the following ways: by providing me access to my affiliate portal, providing me my affiliate link, marketing graphics - and in certain cases additional digital marketing training or advice so I can get the best results from my promotion of the Product. If I have any questions, I will email [email protected]. I may share my sales numbers with other Affiliates, and they may share their stats with me, but SupaPass will not provide total sales stats or any other sales data regarding the Product, nor will they share private customer data with me.
    I understand distributions of commissions will only occur when my earnings from my affiliate sales of the Product Sale exceed $40 USD, and that funds will be distributed no earlier than the first working day of the month three months after the Product Sale. For example, all commissions earned from sales made in September are distributed on the 1st of December (other than weekends and national holidays; in which case, the distributions are made the first working day after the 1st).
    I may purchase the Product with my affiliate link. There is no limit to the total number I may purchase, which may be used for gifting, for a giveaway, or any other reason. I am entitled to purchase the Product at the standard retail price, and will receive my standard affiliate commission as long as I use my affiliate link. Distributions from affiliate commissions of purchases I have made with my own affiliate link are distributed within the same time period of standard earning distributions stated above.
    I understand that I will not be paid affiliate commissions until SupaPass has received a PayPal address.
    Notwithstanding the above, I understand that it is my sole responsibility to track income that I make during the year, including earnings from affiliate sales of the Product, and to claim it in compliance with the tax laws of my country / place of residence. SupaPass will not deduct any of my earnings nor make any deduction on my behalf. I agree and understand that I am solely responsible for any income and related taxes that I owe to any relevant government agency based upon my earnings and other liabilities, as well as those of any employee or other person working with or under me and agree to indemnify SupaPass in respect thereof.
    I understand the last cookie wins. Commissions are awarded to the affiliate who is responsible for placing the most recent cookie on a customer's machine before the sale.
    I understand if any affiliate sale is a refund, failed payment, clawback, or is otherwise canceled by the customer, it will not count as an affiliate sale for the affiliate and no commission will be rewarded at that time.
    I understand SupaPass encourages me to provide a bonus for anyone who purchases through my affiliate link. I understand incentives must be in good taste and abide by all relevant country and international laws regarding such matters.
    I agree to be professional when sharing or promoting. This includes, but is not limited to: I will not spam, I will not pretend to be SupaPass or anyone else other than myself, I will always act with integrity, and if I’m not sure if something is okay, I will either confirm it is okay with SupaPass before implementing it, or I will simply not do it. I understand that nothing in these terms shall be deemed to constitute a partnership, employment or agency relationship between me and SupaPass and I shall not do anything whereby I may be represented as a partner, agent or employee.
    I understand I am free to use the promotional materials SupaPass provides. If I have any questions, I can contact [email protected].
    I understand SupaPass will occasionally offer prizes, rewards, and bonuses for affiliates for promoting and/or generating specific results from their promotions.
    I understand that I can be disqualified from receiving prizes, rewards, or bonuses if at any time I am not one hundred percent ethical and professional or if I act in bad taste at the sole discretion of SupaPass. All prizes, rewards, and bonuses are delivered at the sole discretion of SupaPass and are subject to change.
    I understand all intellectual property rights including all copyright, design right, trademarks, patent rights, rental rights, database right and similar rights whether registered, registrable or not (“Intellectual Property Rights”) in the Product and promotional materials we provide shall belong to and vest in SupaPass on creation and I agree to do all things required by SupaPass for such Intellectual Property Rights to so vest in SupaPass.
    I understand that SupaPass may change the terms of this Agreement at any time at their sole discretion.
     I understand either party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time without cause, by giving the other party written notice of termination. Upon such termination without cause, SupaPass will pay any outstanding commissions accrued until the effective date of the termination.
    I understand that my violation of any of the terms set out in this Agreement may result in the termination of the Agreement for any cause, by SupaPass at its sole discretion. Upon such termination, and without prejudice to any other remedies available to SupaPass, any obligation of SupaPass to pay any commissions shall be null and void. Upon such termination of the Agreement, I will immediately cease use of, and remove from my site, all affiliate links, and all trademarks, trade dress, and logos, and all other materials provided by or on behalf of SupaPass to me pursuant hereto or otherwise in connection with the Product.
    I understand this Agreement shall be construed in accordance with English Law and both I and SupaPass agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
    I understand that by checking the box that says that I have read these terms and conditions that I fully accept these terms and conditions, that I have read this contract in its entirety, that I fully understand everything herein, and that I would like to participate as an Affiliate.
    By clicking the "Apply" button, I signify that I have read, understood and agree to these terms in full.